Mutual Arms Destruction - Are We Safe

Have you ever wondered why Russia and the United States haven't gotten into enough conflicts to create WWIII? What keeps us safe from complete annihilation of each other bringing on the end of the world?

It's all about who's the biggest.  During the Cold War, America was the biggest and had nuclear might but now since Russia and some other countries have gotten into the race and built up their arsenal, America has lost that status as number one. Now, there's mutual arms destruction, where if one were to strike America, that would be the end of the world because America would strike back ten-fold.  The same goes with Russia, anyone hits her and we all go down.

MUTUAL ARMS DESTRUCTION or MAD happens when both sides have enough fighting nuclear might to knock out each other... 

In this case, neither country wants to start the end the world.  So, we are kept safe because both countries have enough power to annihilate each other. 

It's guaranteed that if Russia ever did attack America, America will retaliate and vice versa. Feel safe with the knowledge that America has enough nuclear power to stand-up to Russia.  If not, we would be RED or dead today.

Neither country will attack as long as they both have Mutual Arms Destruction.  

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