Londonia - The New Islamic City, Once Called London

I don't want to scare anyone, but it was bound to happen. I thought it would be much later but it's happening today. London has finally succumbed to Islamic Sharia Law.

The renaming of London is now underway and will soon be revealed and from hence forth, London shall be known as 'Londonia' the new Islamic capital of the British Empire, that's if the Muslims get their way.

Today, in the British Isles, Islam is the second largest religion with over 3 million Muslims, 4.4% of the population, 50% were not born there. They were immigrants. The other 50% is from a surge of rapid births.

As Ali said, "Go, spread, multiply." He meant it...

 "Git, spread the word."

And that they are doing, maybe some innocently and unknowingly, just following Ali's word, or purposefully taking his word literally and multiplying like flies.

Christians on the other hand are trying to keep families to one or two children but Muslims are having 5-6-7 or as many children as they can, having huge families.

In some communities of London, Muslims now rule the streets, the businesses, the police, politics and are imposing Sharia Law on everyone who lives there and soon will be renaming London, Londonia, the new capital city of Islam.

Could it be happening over here in North America?

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