In The Grand Scheme Of The Universe - What Counts As Life?

Does life exist outside of our solar system?

We all recognise life when placed in front of us. Dirt, rocks, water they're not alive, but trees and plants are. Motor vehicles, or a building are not alive. Fire grows and uses energy, is it alive?

Biologists believe, to be alive something has to extract energy from its environment to maintain itself, use some kind of metabolism and be able to get rid of any waste material and have an outer boundary such as skin to distinguish it from its environment but most of all, it must be able to reproduce or replicate itself.

A virus has some of the characteristics mentioned above, but is considered half-alive. Is that life? Fires can replicate themselves but have no membrane, no skin. Fire is simply a chemical reaction that produces a lot of heat...

Fire is not alive, but some people believe it has a mind of its own, just ask someone from Fort McMurray. They'll tell you. 

The James Webb Space Telescope

Soon, probably within the next generation of telescopes, such as the new James Webb Space Telescope, which will detect waste gases of life on other planets and will soon find such gases for the ingredients for life, along with their waste products, which without a doubt, would be evidence that yes, there is life outside of the Earth and we'll know for sure then, that we are not alone and that there is life outside of our solar system.

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