If You Are A Moral Person - Will You Be Guaranteed Happiness?

What if I asked you this question, "If you act morally does that guarantee you will be happy, and on the other hand if you acted immorally does that guarantee your unhappiness?"

Morality and happiness are two different things caught in a Virtuous Cycle but there is a relationship between the two. We all desire to make relationships. Being kind and trustworthy and moral will get a positive reaction, which enhances our chances to be happy. Likewise, being a prick enhances our chance at being unhappy.

There are and I'm not denying it, lots of happy tyrants. Somewhat alone, but still happy are some of the many immoralists and hermits of this world, however if you are anything like me, you rely on the kindness and the good will of others to be happy...

Social relationships are the most important sources of happiness. We all want to be loved by others. So, if you act immorally it may pay off in the short-term, winning friends but in the longer scheme of things, people will eventually see your short comings and your happiness will be in jeopardy.

Do you still gain happiness just by appearing moral? It appears so. A virtuous person is bound by moral obligations to achieve happiness. A non-virtuous person appearing to be virtuous enjoys exactly the same amount of happiness that a moral person would, but will be able to use, manipulate and exploit different moral and immoral situations to their advantage, enhancing their chances at happiness. Thus, it is more important to appear moral than to be moral, for maximum happiness.

If the desire to be happy comes into conflict with being moral then, why be moral? If to pursue happiness is rational, then to be immoral is rational also.

It is said that your happiness will be the direct result of your actions." I might add, "No matter if done morally or immorally."

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