Hugo Boss - His Dark Past Which Launched His Career

From one of my favourite designers, to the least of my favourites, Hugo Boss, the German designer. 

Hugo Boss, supplied Hitler's army with uniforms before and during the war and apparently his choices weren't that good, such as in the material used, getting too heavy when wet, too hot in the heat, and a lot of other things like being itchy. That also included SS uniforms, making millions of dollars in return, turning eight sewing machines, that were left to him after he filed for bankruptcy into a high-end fashion house, 'The House of Boss.' Thanks to his new allegiance joining the Nazi Party and seizing the opportunity!
They say when opportunity knocks it only knocks once so you better answer. He employed forced labour to make these uniforms... Prisoners of war, gays, Jews, from all over Europe.

Because of Hugo Boss's involvement in the war, that he was an activist, a supporter of the SS and the fact he made millions from the Nazi party selling uniforms to them, proving he benefited from the party he was stripped of his voting rights and his right to have a business.

Poor Hugo. He died shortly after that. The Boss family that inherited everything opened up shop again taking over the business getting their first order for a bunch of men suites.

Again, the Hugo brand took off, making other products as well; perfumes, sunglasses and watches among other things.

It proves; people do forget, and forget easily, when money is involved.

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