'Donald Trump' - The 45th President of the United States and His New $2.00 Bill

In Trump's world they call it, the year of the underdog. How true. 

That's right, you've read right, just $17.95 for an authentic $2.00 bill. Donald Trump's the first president to ever get this done for himself, a colourized $2.00 bill with his likeness on the front, (again I reiterate in colour). Part of his ego, no doubt...

It comes -besides being a complete shock to me- in its own little plastic holder, no doubt made in China, with a declaration of authenticity. As if we can't tell a fake $2.00. I wouldn't accept one for that fact alone, it doesn't look real. Try cashing that in at the corner store. It just won't happen.

As Cat-With-Hats would say, they're 'felineing' right out of here. They can't keep them on the shelves long enough, to keep up with demand.  

Doesn't Donald Trump know how unlucky the $2.00 bill is? Imagine that, a $2 dollar bill for just $17.95 plus $3 for shipping and postage. What a deal!!! 
It's hard to believe, when Americans are all crying about money lately, how much they make, the price of things like gas, electricity, rent, etc.

This will truly be a collectible. If you can't afford one, just say 'MasterCard' please. In fifty years you'll double your money and collect $4.00. 

What an investment.

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