Compare Dying Now To A Hundred Years Ago

People just don't die today like they did in yesteryear. At the turn of the 19th century people lived to a ripe old age of about 50. Wow!
Aren't we lucky to be born at this time in history, especially if we are talking about old age. Medicine is keeping us alive longer today so most of us will probably die of old age diseases.

How Did People Die a Hundred Years Ago?

The main cause of death in the early 1900's was diarrhea and other intestinal type diseases, now treated by over the counter drugs, tuberculosis (TB) next, then pneumonia, in 1918 approximately 50-130 million people died of influenza (mining techniques in those days was a major cause, today rarely does anyone die in Canada and at least in the other developed countries. They still do mind you, but not so much as before...

Then comes heart disease, kidney disease, birth defects, apoplexy or internal bleeding, unknown causes, premature births and last but not least convulsions, in that order.

Today medicine has put a stop to most of those except heart disease and kidney disease.

The main causes of Death today are in this order from worst to least; heart disease, then cancer, then lung disease, they kill more people than all the rest combined; accidents, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney, and finally suicide.

Most of these diseases are Age Related diseases, meaning the longer you live, the more chances are you will die by any one of them. 

May you all live to a ripe old age. 

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