51-50 - The Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Over the police scanner a police officer cries, Man down, 51-50 need help!
What does he mean by 51-50?

51-50 is a term used by the cops to describe someone that is flipping out, that the person has gone hay-wire, is violent and crazed.

If you are ever in the situation of being called a 51-50, you are violent and a danger to yourself or others, expect to be taken to the psycho ward for an Involuntary Psychiatric Hold, at your nearest hospital for an evaluation. You'll be held for up to 72 hours for this observation, where upon completion, the psych doctors will determine if you should stay or go, sane or crazy.

Police have that power. If they think you're nuts, be prepared to be put into an Involuntary Psychiatric Hold. Once labelled, it's hard to shake.

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