4:20 April 20 - A Time For Marijuana Users To Celebrate - Prohibition is Over

There was once a group of students who called themselves 'The Waldos' because they hung out near a wall on the grounds of the San Rafael High School, meeting at the Louis Pasteur statue. With maps in hand, they used the term 4:20 as a code to meet after school to go searching for marijuana fields that were left abandoned after growers reaped their crops. 

The term 4:20 has taken on a new meaning since.  It refers to a socially acceptable time to smoke pot. April 20th is observed as a gathering day for people to celebrate.

Vancouver's Sunset Beach, is the place to meet. Today at 4:20. Tens of thousands will be there. Though still illegal, it will be the place to be today.

Prohibition is over. The decriminalization and legalizing of pot finally coming true. 

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Let the world know, that we, us Canadians are a civilized people.

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