Vancouver Island - Where The People Are Either - Newly Wed or Nearly Dead.

Vancouver Island, home to 750,000 souls give or take a few. Quiet, slow paced, mostly ole folk.

The southern end of the Island has the most beautiful weather in Canada, it's mild. Often, called the Miami of Canada. A perfect setting for couples to come and tie the knot. That's the 'Newly Wed' part...

What's left is a bunch of ageing tie-dyed, pot smoking, long-haired hippies, remnants from the sixties, with dick all to do but have fun and the money to do it with. More money than the One-Armed Bandits can steal from them. 

The over sixties run this Island. Always have, always will.

Why do the kids leave? To pursue their dreams of togetherness on the Mainland I suppose. Or, to other more booming parts of the country, which leaves the seniors, often called the 'Nearly Dead' which, judging by the looks of my neighbours lately, they're starting to look closer to the grave, by the day.

I wonder if they think the same thing when they're looking back this way, at me?

If you want to see gray beards, long ones, or blue hair come to the Island. The men are still wearing paisley shirts and the women still go to the beauty parlour for their weekly blue rinse in jump suits.

Vancouver Island they say, is where the people are either, Newly Wed or Nearly Dead, where you're guaranteed to see at least a dozen grey long-haired pony tails, as the men drive by in their pick-ups, their 4X4's and their dirt bikes and the blue haired females in their white Eldorado Cadilacs, as they drive themselves to the hairdressers.  Still, women's libbers.

The ocean liners that arrive here every summer don't help much either, bringing all those seniors, with all their cash, who fall in love with the place and move here after getting back home and realizing they could be living in Lotus Land, where there's the 'Newly Wed' and more important, the 'Nearly Dead.'

Lots of them.

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