Two Skulls dubbed the 'Babes in the Woods' Back in 53' Will Remain Unidentified

Over the years there have been many skulls found in Stanley Park. That's in Vancouver, British Columbia, part of the West End.  I remember hearing the story of a person who while walking on a path in the park, found a skull and brought it home to his apartment in the West End and displayed it on his living room mantle for years. No one had ever questioned him about it. No one thought it unusual at the time to have a human skull on their mantel. Dah!...

...In this case though, back in 1953, two children's skulls were found by a person out walking along a path near Beaver Lake in the middle of the park, six years after they were murdered. At first they were believed to be skulls of a little boy and a little girl but after medical exams and DNA testing it was later determined, that both skulls were boys.

Authorities never determined who the boys were or who had murdered them. We have two victims, we know there was a murderer involved, but we have no other skeletal remains, no names, no clues, no evidence, nothing, just the two skulls.

Back in the 90's, the police determined the murderer would have passed-away by then so gave up any more investigations and they closed the file where it remains today, a 'Cold Case File'.

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