Two of the Most Sweetest Ghosts You'd Ever Want to Meet Canada's First Chocolatier, Charles 'Candy' Rogers and His Wife Leah

Two ghosts you wouldn't be afraid of, Charles 'Candy' Rogers and his wife Leah. Their shop is located on Government Street here in Victoria on the Island.  It's a National Historic Site, being one of Canada's oldest and most haunted chocolate shops in North America, Rogers Chocolates.

Chuck was said to have come out from Massachusetts way back in 1885 and set up shop in Victoria, here on the Island selling dry goods. As a side line he sold chocolate that he imported from San Francisco. That's when he met Leah and got married. She couldn't resist him it was said because he was so sweet.

The chocolate was a run away success. So, being the business man that Chuck was, he started making his own chocolate to sell. He became Canada's first chocolatier. Business couldn't have gotten any better.

Since they were so dedicated to the business, working twenty hour days, they often stayed in the kitchen sleeping on the floor. So dedicated that even after death their ghosts have been seen working away in the kitchen, Charles whipping up and stirring batches of chocolates while Leah would be seen handing them out to children. (I imagine ghosts also)

Children's chocolate finger prints have been discovered occasionally on mirrors above doorways, way too high for a child to reach.

Two of the most sweetest ghosts you'd ever want to meet, Charles 'Candy' Rogers and his wife Leah, in downtown Victoria, at Roger's Chocolate's on Government Street.