The Thetis Lake Monster - Vancouver Island's Very Own Lizardman

There's this huge recreational park on Vancouver Island, about 850 hectares, near the Old Island Highway about 20 miles north of Victoria, called Thetis Lake National Park.  Not far from Sooke where I live, and it supposedly has a monster lurking within the parks deep lake.  Feared by the native Indians for centuries. 

You guessed it!  Teens again.  Back in August of 72, two teens reported being chased from the beach by a creature, a man like lizard.  They said it looked like  'Gill Man' from the movie, ' The Creature From The Black Lagoon, ' an old movie shot in 3D back in the 50's.  I remember it!  Scared the living day-lights out of me.  Teens they can be so impressionable, that's what everyone thought.

Until, four days later two men fishing spotted a lizard creature coming out of the water, walking upright on two legs.  It stood on the beach then noticing the men in the boat, walked back into the water and disappeared.  The men high-tailed it out of there, full throttle, when they saw their fishing floats bobbing up and down, and felt thumping on the hull of their little aluminum row boat that they were sitting in, meaning it was under them!

Described as about 5 ft. tall, looking like a man but green, with scaly skin and a head like a frog, and webbed long claws and gills on the side of it's neck.

There could be an explanation, though. One year earlier, a man set his pet Tegu Lizard free into the lake.   

But...  Tegu Lizards are big but not that big, they don't walk on two legs, don't have human looking faces and certainly wouldn't have survived Vancouver Island's winter weather.

Then there's a chance, the story is one big hoax.  You decide.  

Me myself, I like to believe in monsters.