The Strange Looking Arbutus Tree - Native to the Island - Scary Looking at Night - Beautiful During the Day

I've never seen an Arbutus Tree before, until I came out from Ontario, many moons ago. Talk about a weird looking tree, something right out of a horror movie if seen at night, with its twisted and knarley trunk and branches but beautiful, sometimes even magnificent depending on the tree if seen during the day...

Arbutus Trees are pretty common here on Vancouver Island, mingling amid the Douglas Fir and the Oaks. The first thing I noticed was the colour of it's trunk, a reddish orangey colour due to the fact it's bark falls off revealing it's inside core which is smooth to the touch but twisted in odd shapes, the only true native broad-leafed evergreen of Canada, living only about 8 miles from the shores of the Pacific Ocean.  They attract birds and wildlife with there little white bell-shaped edible flowers that bloom every spring.

Today the Arbutus Tree is declining and thought to be under stress. We can't let them disappear, after all they are something that Supernatural British Columbia can be proud of.

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