The Slaughter of David Pauls and His Family - A Grizzly Crime Scene


The most gruesome crime ever documented in Canadian history, the triple murders of David Pauls, just your average guy and his family, his daughter Dorothy and his wife Helen.  It happened in Vancouver, June 10, 1958 being the most grizzliest murders ever heard of at the time, with lots of blood, guts and gore, right off a Hollywood horror movie set...

For some strange reason I remember it well.  Strange because I was only 8yrs. old and lived in Hamilton, Ontario at the time, plus not to many kids read newspapers back then, we didn't have the Internet nor these new gadgets kids have today, cell-phones and laptops.

Could the reason be that I remember it so well is because I read the book by Eve Lazarus "Sensational Vancouver" years ago and I'm just confused, where she describes the murder in detail.

It could be!  Anyway, I remember it well.
When Helen was at work, David Pauls was the first to be murdered, found shot three times point-blank in the head after being beaten, tied up and tortured.

Dorothy his daughter was only 11 years old at the time.  She was found upstairs still in her bed but in a pool of blood with her head bashed in.  She had been beaten to death by someone wielding a hammer.  The person responsible must have been angry at something, her body was struck repeatedly making her unrecognisable to family that identified the bodies.

The Pauls Family

When Helen arrived home after working all day she discovered he husband dead, lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor, then her daughter's dead and mutilated body upstairs in her bedroom. Then, to top it off found herself looking down the wrong end of a shot gun.  Blew her head almost off!  If that wasn't enough, he had sex with her before mutilating her body.

Like I said, a grizzly scene.

The police never arrested anyone, to them it's still a "Cold Case" and remains open to this day.  They did find a few clues left behind by the killer but they led police down a blind alley; one bloody footprint, one bloody handprint on the hallway wall and outside in the backyard an over-turned rock, assumed overturned when the murderer made a speedy exit. 

There have been many theories about what actually happened in the Pauls family home that day, a home invasion, a surprised opportunistic burglar, speculation of a peeping-tom being caught by Mr. Pauls where an altercation ensued, even a Russian spy connection.

This is one of Canada's most mysterious crimes, the slaughter of David Pauls, his wife and daughter.  Those were the days when no one locked their doors, and you'd welcome anyone who knocked. 

Not any more.


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