The Photo That Made Vancouver Island A Hotspot For UFO Activity


Keep your eyes on the sky baby, Vancouver Island's a hotbed for UFO Activity.  All because of a single photo taken on the morning of October 8th 1981, by Mrs. Hannah McRoberts while her and her husband and daughter were out on a drive. They pulled over for a break, getting out to stretch and shake there legs before continuing on...

Hannah noticed a mountain in the distance with a cloud above it, making it look as if it were a volcano erupting. She luckily had her camera in hand, a 35mm camera and took a picture of it. Then, after getting it developed, the family was shocked at what the camera had captured. 

Not only the mountain and the cloud and yes it does look like a volcano erupting but distinctly, plainer than the nose on your face, they notice a UFO, off to the side of the cloud.

Ladies and gentlemen, what more evidence does one need? The UFO photo has been tested and retested for fakery, again and again. It's legit!

So, keep those cell phones and cameras pointed to the sky. The next picture could be yours and it might be you who proves to the world, that UFOs from other worlds really do exist.

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