The Law Concerning Any Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

Is it right and legal to kill someone and eat them? A human would say no but a Zombie might say yes!  Are there any special circumstances that might make it legal, like in a life and death situation?

Case in point:

The Queen Vs. Dudley and Stephens  December 9, 1884.  This is a real case.

Four seamen are adrift at sea, three older men and one teenage boy.  Their boat had been capsized and sank in a storm, thousands of miles out to sea and now after drifting in a dingy for seven days they were getting a little bit hungry.  The teenager was starting to look, 'mighty tasty' to the three older men and after the twentieth day and still with nothing to eat, hunger forced the three men to kill the boy and eat him for the next four days, just to survive.  Therefore, saving their own lives, until they were rescued by a passing ship. All three men  admitted to committing the murder and eating him..

After reviewing all the facts, the jury found that there was no proof of any such necessity as could justify killing the boy.  Two of the old men were found guilty of murder and were sentenced to death but the judge felt sorry for them and gave them a six month prison term instead.  The other man, got off Scott free, because he ratted out on the other two.

In this case, while the defense of necessity may excuse a person from such things as trespassing, looting and a pile of other crimes, murder and cannibalism still remain illegal.  Hungry or not!