The Haunted 'River View' Psychiatric Hospital

The 'Riverview Psychiatric Hospital' in Coquitlam, British Columbia. A once over-crowded asylum, the dilapidated West Lawn Pavillion, closed since 1983, was a place where male patients entered and rarely if ever came back out.  The stories that it could tell, if it could.

The hospital opened its doors in 1913, to 300 of British Columbia's most insane and most dangerous men, to ease the growing number of mental patients hospitalized in New Westminister.  The female counterpart opened its doors in 1930 to BC's most disturbed women.  Conditions in both soon deteriorated. 

It's said to be haunted today, because of all the barbaric treatments and surgeries that were carried out on the inmates.  I say inmates because basically that's what it was in its heyday, a prison and that's how mental patients were treated in those days, as prisoners not as patients, compared with how mental health is treated today, you wouldn't want to go there.   Only on a ghost tour. 

I hear, that there's plans in the making for a fancy condo complex to be built on the site.  Then I hear they want to re-open it as a psychiatric hospital.  I wonder if the ghosts will stick around?