The Evil 'Brother XII' and His Buried Treasure on 'De Courcy Island'

De Courcy Island

Just off the east coast of Vancouver Island, near Nanaimo, there is a smaller gulf island, about 460 acres large, named De Courcy Island after an old sea captain, Michael de Courcy who cruised the local waters.

The Cult of Brother XII

It became home to a man who called himself Brother XII, his real name was Edward Arthur Wilson, who started a religious settlement there, way back in the 20's.  At the time the island was nothing but bush.

Brother XII was a real nut case, a domineering cult leader.  He had an alluring personality that people couldn't resist, hypnotic, charismatic and he used it for his own benefit.  The guy was a swindler, a control freak, demanded obedience and stole millions by today's standards from devotee's.  

A sexual pervert, a child molester, you name it!  The public compared him to the likes of Britians : Aleister Crowley the 'Beast 666' and Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame but in reality it was said that ,Brother XII was far worse.

He was supposedly a devil worshiper.  Or, pretended to be. 

The Treasure of Pirates Cove

Yep, today the island's a provincial park called, 'Pirates Cove Marine Provincial Park,' named after him where lore has it that he buried a treasure chest of gold, that he had stolen from his followers and hidden somewhere on the Island, maybe stashed in the bush, maybe on the beach in the sand, wherever, it was never found. 

There was no map left behind telling of its whereabouts, the treasure has never been recovered and still lies buried there, somewhere on 'De Courcy Island' waiting to be discovered.