The 'Cheerleader Effect' No More Selfies - Group Shots Only

Do you want to make yourself look more attractive? Then take no more 'selfies' of yourself.  Selfies make people compare you to the average, when there's nothing else to compare you with...

From now on, take pictures of yourself in the middle of a group of say four or more individuals. Call it a 'groupie shot' if you like. The better-looking the group is, the better looking you'll look. Ellen Degeneras knows all about looking good in 'groupie shots' she does it all the time.

Look how good Ellen looks. She's beautiful! amid all those other beauties.

There's been studies done on it. Scientists have named it the 'Cheerleader Effect' where; a person, a plain Jane is put in the middle of a group of good-looking people and when someone see's her or looks at a photo with her and them, they might think she's a beauty too. Just by association, comparing you to all the other beauties in the group, that's in the photo. Alone in a photo, who do you get compared with?  The average.  You don't want that.

What the scientists have deduced is that humans like to average out and arrange faces in groups which eliminates the ugly duckling in the room by making her or him look more average. 

From now on, make-up will be a thing of the past, forget about your hair. Get out and look for a good-looking group, stand around in front of them and secretly take a picture of yourself with them. You'll look like a million bucks, guaranteed. Plus! You'll get the added benefit of looking popular, just standing around in front of these strangers you will call your friends to the person viewing your photo album.

The 'Cheerleader Effect' No more selfies, group shots only. 

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