Saturn's Hexagonal Storm - The Type Of Weather You Wouldn't Want To Be Caught In Without An Umbrella

Saturn's eternal hexagonal storm is nothing like the storms we have here on Earth. Our biggest hurricanes, our largest twisters, all the hail in the world, happening all at once, is small peas compared to Saturn's Hexagonal Storm...

Imagine a raging storm the size of the Earth, with winds over 900 miles per hour., that's over 1400 km. A wind that would literally blow your socks off.  

Now imagine that same storm swirling around you in a hexagonal formation, with six distinct sides. Scientists are baffled by the strange phenomenon. It was captured on camera 30 years ago by Voyager 1 as it passed the planet Saturn then Voyager 2 photographed it as it passed. Then, the Cassini spacecraft was sent in 2004, to document it. The storm has been raging all this time with no sign of a let up and stays on the north pole only. The south pole, tranquil as all get out.

There are many conspiracies, like The Atlantean Conspiracy but scientists believe the storm is caused by Saturn not having any solid landmass to break it up, which they say accounts for why it has lasted so long and may last a lot longer far into the future. They haven't a clue as to why its such an odd shape but believe it has to do with wind speeds, blowing from north to south, which corners the jet stream and creates the perfect storm conditions, the friction and the turbulence that gives it, it's own distinct geometric hexagonal shape.

Let's just say, Saturn's Hexagonal Storm, the type of weather you wouldn't want to be caught in without an umbrella. 

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