Purgatory - It's Where You Go When You Die - A Catholic Waiting Platform For The Next Shuttle To Heaven

'Purgatory' that's a temporary place that you go to after you die, but only if you are a Roman Catholic. If your not Catholic, you don't get to go there, you go somewhere else, similar, it's just not called Purgatory. Purgatory is a place where you go to purge all your wrong-doings and fess-up, admitting to God that you shouldn't have had all those dirty thoughts in the first place...

Until you do, God and his cronies will sit in judgement reviewing your life in detail, not missing anything. He wants to know all your secrets and anything you're trying to hide from him, then he'll either say nay (but only temporarily) or okay when he's heard you purge, which you will. No one, it is said, hasn't purged. If not, then I could imagine how crowded it would be in Purgatory. Maybe the fear of hell makes people cough-up and confess, who knows but when you do purge and you get the nod, then your on your way, no matter how long or how frequent you've been rejected in the past. You'll eventually get the nod, from God when he's satisfied that you've spilt all the beans. 

If you ever find yourself there, your worries will be over. It means you're just in the line-up for the shuttle to heaven, of course after you purge your sins. No one gets turned away, no one goes to hell, everyone in Purgatory eventually goes to heaven. So don't waste everyone's time. Cough-up early and get the best seats on the shuttle and tell him all about your sins. 

Anyway, he knows them already. He just wants you to know that he knows and when you do, your fears of going to hell or even staying in 'Purgatory' will be a thing of the past.

You'll have God's blessing after confessing. Your one-way ticket to heaven will be placed in hand, you'll get a window seat, hopefully lunch will be included. Your next stop will be Heaven. There will be no hell for you.

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