Mustard Gas A Weapon Of Mass Destruction - Would You Survive a Terrorist Attack?

Mustard Gas, sulfur mustard (Cl-CH2CH2)2S is an invisible weapon of mass destruction that was first used by the Germans in World War I to disable their enemies.  Eventually, almost every country in the war used it.  Over a million people, soldiers and civilians alike were injured and over a 100,000 were killed.  What if, a terrorist used mustard gas as a weapon? Would you survive it?

It's been documented that Syria is using Mustard Gas today.

What makes mustard gas so deadly is people get use to the smell (mustard like) very easily, so you might not know it has been released into the air, but breathe some in, or get a tiny bit on you and you're good as dead.  Within hours red blotches appear on the skin that eventually turn into sweltering puss filed itchy blisters.  You start having trouble breathing.  Get it into your eyes and you go blind.

You might not die, there's a possibility you might live but you would certainly be in pain and you might not stay blind but you're left open to opportunistic diseases during the recovery process, which may take a few months to years.  That's what kills people, infections and such, not the actual mustard gas.

This is what to do if you've made contact with the any chemical agent:

  • Stay calm. Panicking may induce rapid breathing, causing you to inhale the gas.

  • Try to turn your back against the wind.

  • Don't eat or drink anything that may have been exposed to the gas.

  • Seal all windows and doors.

  • Carry around a bandana as a quick thing to put around your mouth and nose.

  • Would We Survive A Terrorist Attack ?

    You'd need a gas mask on hand and we have antidotes for this sort of thing if it ever happens.  Let's hope the government can get it to us in time.  We know how they can stall, remember how the American government reacted during the New Orleans crisis.   

    The problem would be, getting masks and the antidote to where it is needed in time, hopefully before the Mustard Bomb goes off.