Monster Wolves - Created By One Big Massive 'Cull'

They are not wolves but a hybrid, part wolf, part domestic dog. 

'Monster Wolves' roamed Vancouver Island for a short period of time after a gigantic cull that purposefully killed all the wolves on the Island.  We needed more black tail deer for the hunters to shoot, the wolves main diet.  The wolves had to go.  The cull lasted from the 20's right up to the 70's eliminating all the wolves except, and it is therefore theorized that...

... a few mainland wolves, strong enough that they could swim across Georgia Straight in search of new territory in the 80's, found lots of food and territory over here but with one downfall, there were no females to mate with.

So, being hard up for a mate, they chose big domestic dogs to mate with, creating a hybrid, the 'Monster Wolf', neither a dog nor a wolf.  The first time ever documented in the wild even though there have been many breeders who have purposefully and successfully bred a mix between dog and wolf, which was never heard of happening before in nature.

These wild hybrid wolves were considered dangerous and not fit to be domestic pets.  Then again, the hybrids that breeders have developed aren't good pets either, very unpredictable and hard to train.

For some reason, these 'Monster Wolves' were not able to survive and adapt to the wild and disappeared from the Island.  Even unable to be kept as pets.

Now on Vancouver Island it is said there are over 200 wolves. None of them 'Monster Wolves' but of a completely different lineage from those that lived on the Island before.

Everyone agrees, the cull was a bad thing.