Mental-Health Professionals Call Donald Trump A Psychopath

Is Donald Trump mentally ill?

According to Psychology Today there's an elephant in the room, 28,000 ( and growing ) mental-health therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental-health professionals say Donald Trump is a psychopath. They feel America has fallen for a narcissist and are unaware of the dangers his straightforward approach may cause, making us believe he's an outsider like most American's feel about themselves and that he's one of them...

He shows all the signs of a psychopath. He's a bully, the typical school yard type of bully, as he has showed his true colours during the public debates. He's a liar, he said he lost hundreds of friends in the 911 attack, which is a lie but he keeps on lying about it. He condescends, with all his badmouthing of Mexicans and women and he exaggerates. How many times have we heard about how rich he is. Does he sound like a hedonist? He's jealous, fragile and has low self-esteem. He lacks compassion and views the world as; him against everyone else who doesn't agree with him. He's totally unbalanced and it's sad to say, but there's no hope for him, there is no miracle drug.

And, he's unfit to lead the country because he hasn't got a grasp on reality.

Trump fits the bill for all the clinically attributes of a narcissist. He doesn't need to be professionally diagnosed. If someone is coughing and barfing all at the same time you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that he's sick, the same in Trump's case.  And it's unanimous, doctors claim he's a 'worst case' scenario.  

Just sane enough to 'pass' but totally detached from reality.

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