March is the Month for Deadly Avalanches ~ A Regular Occurance Here on the Island

At the moment, Vancouver Island is at the mercy of 'mother nature' with all the snow we've had over the winter...

Avalanche conditions are at an all time high, especially at higher levels past the tree line. Avalanches are also known as snow slides or snow slips and are the rapid movement of snow down a slope, triggered by gravity.

Some of the major concerns for avalanches happening are Winds Slabs, the build up of snow by the wind, especially up in the Alpine regions, then there's all the new snow from Storm Slabs, the sudden build up of weight and then there's those Persistent Slabs, like my gout, it seems never to go away. 

The latest avalanche happened over the weekend in Whistler, on the Mainland, where one person was almost buried alive. 

Remember to stay inbounds.

For the latest avalanche updates : Vancouver Island Avalanche Centre


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