'Laffing Sal' Her Days Are Numbered

If you are old enough, you might remember going to the carnival and passing the haunted house or any other scary amusement ride for that matter and coming across 'Laffing Sal' also known as 'Laughing Sal' standing sentinel out front, eyeballing everyone and laughing at anyone who dared to enter... 

She was a mechanical robot of sorts, placed in a glass lit-up display cabinet, with a head made from paper maché and dressed in a clown like outfit. All she could do was flail her arms, move her head and laugh like there was no tomorrow. 

At amusement parks and penny arcades, seeing the old woman hag, she went by many names, the fortune teller, remember her? She's still around, who sat in her glass enclosure and gave out horoscopes when someone dropped a penny in the slot.  'Laffing Sal' reminds me of her.

The Fortune Teller

The thing with 'Laffing Sal' was her scary sounding laugh.  It sent chills up and down children's spines, scaring them out of their wits, but to the adults, who accompanied the children, it became annoying real fast.

You don't see much of 'Laffing Sal' anymore, carnivals having become a thing of the past.  If you want to get a glimpse of her today, you'd have to go to the Smithsonian or some other museum. All the original 'Laffing Sal's' ceased to operate and exist after 2005. 

'Laffing Sal' her days are numbered. I imagine that the Fortune Teller will follow suit.

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