Haunted 'Craigdarroch Castle' - Just Ask Someone Who Has Visited And Taken The Tour

Craigdarroch Castle was built starting in 1887 taking three years to complete.  This wasn't just a castle over-looking the city of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, it also made a statement, telling the world that, Robert Dunsmuir had finally made it, and has become one of the wealthiest and most important persons west of the Rockies if not the whole of Canada...

He died in 1889, as the castle was being built.  His wife Joan, which he left his entire fortune too, finished the job and lived in it until her death in 1908.

The Fireplace in the Great Room
The foyer and staircase to the second floor
Joan's Parlour Room

The place is over-crowded with paranormal activity.  People have seen ghosts and shadows of a lady in black believed to be Joan herself.  Heard piano music seemingly coming from nowhere and felt chills in certain rooms besides experiencing the usual paranormal activity, people in windows, children crying, creaks in the attic, sounds in the basement, that sort of thing. 

You might recognise 'Craigdarroch Castle' from the movie Spooky House.  It was filmed there. 

A really spooky house that's for sure.  Just ask someone who has visited and taken the tour, I'm sure they'll tell you.