'GOLD' Without The Letter L, It Spells GOD. Donald Trumps God

Donald Trump adores his god, 'Gold'.  He believes in it.  Worships it.

Studying his god, 'Gold' has been one of his life long passions.  He knows him well, has tested him.  He knows how his God works and what his limits are and what it can do.  He has accumulated and surrounded himself with as much of his god 'Gold', that he can. 

His god 'Gold', has made him a king and ruler of the land.  He has many faithful followers and many converters.  More everyday.

"You can never have too much 'Gold', I mean God, in your heart"

Take his name, Trump, a name he's changed into a brand, from perfumes to golf courses.  Written anywhere, in the colour of his god's likeness, 'Gold'! 

I've never seen a pink Trump written anywhere.

Look at his apartment, 'Gold' his god is everywhere.  He is never without his god, even in the bathroom, his god 'Gold' is with him.  The faucets, the shower head all 'Gold' showering him with praise.

What does the bible have to say about him worshiping this false god, 'Gold'? 

"You shall have no other gods before me." Exodus 20:3

There's more and they all say the same thing, which is that God basically is against this pagan practise.

Maybe you've heard it before, that 'too much of a good thing becomes the tool of the devil'.  It goes along with the saying, 'an idle mind makes room for the devil.'  They go hand in hand.  Little hands.

Donald Trump's god, 'Gold'.  It seems to be serving him well.