Ghosts - What Do You Have To Do To Be One?

Who gets to be ghost?

So, you want to be a ghost.

With a little research, I have discovered (that in the spiritual world) you have two bodies. You have a Gross Body, which has a name, (sthŭladēha) -Don't ask me how you pronounce it!- it's that fleshy meaty part of your body, the part that dies. The Gross Body (also known as the Casual Body) stays down here on earth with the mortals to rot. You don't take it with you, that is, wherever it is you are going...

The other half of your person is your Subtle Body, which consists of your subconscious mind, your intellect and that ego of yours and don't forget your soul. This is the part of you that will go to Heaven or Hell depending on how you've lived your life, good or bad, lover or hater, sinful, greedy, lustful, more adjectives than I have paper to write on, and the spiritual level you attained while alive.  

When speaking of ghosts The Subtle Body, is the part that becomes a ghost after death. 

The criteria for becoming a ghost.  

- You have to be a Subtle Body absent of your Gross Body.

- You have to belong to the Nether Region, one of the seven regions of Hell where (Gross) Earth is easiest to get to, via space and time on a positive plane. 

Did you understand that?

In other words you have to be dead to be a ghost and since we are all going to die at sometime in the future, that would make us all good candidates on becoming ghosts.

First, there's a certain person doling-out ,who gets to be a ghost. Most pass his judgements but there are a few that don't. I don't want to mention any names but it's like mine (Dog) but spelt backwards. He's going to look into your mind and see what kind of impressions you have left, your personality and basic nature. He'll want to know what your attitude is on Duality, your relationship with him. Then he will look and decide if you've earned enough respect to be a ghost. Then he'll want to know how the hell have you spent your life, doing what? Have you spent enough time praying to him. He will like you more if you had.

Other things that influences God's decision, but you wouldn't think so are: 

The type of funeral you will have. Come on, does that really matter? Or, what other people do, spiritually at your funeral. Does anyone care what someone else is thinking or doing as you lay there cold dead in your casket? I guess God does!

So, if you have any unfulfilled desires, are negative or have any personality defects like you're jealous or greedy, things like that. If your damn ego is too big or you hurt others, just having those instincts will make you a prime candidate to be a ghost, especially if you haven't a religious bone in your body, then you are prime.

I guess that makes me a prime candidate, since I'm a crazy, lazy and a sexy kind-a guy who isn't getting buried anyway and the type of person that doesn't want a funeral, or commemoratives, or landmarks, gravestones, memorials etc .  Nor do I have any religious beliefs. 

Okay, I'll allow a party, with lots of pot and beer. Get them high so they all talk, giving up long held secrets, thinking I'm not around just to help me decide who to haunt when I do become a ghost.

How about you?

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Chitta Ananda said...

sthŭladēha is pronounced as s+th (as th in thank)+oo (as oo in zoo)+l+dey (d as spoken by french people soft d)+h (as h in hand). Could also be translated as physical body.