Canada's Outdated and Unconstitutional 'Zombie Laws'

Zombie Laws

What are Zombie Laws?

Zombie Laws are pieces and segments of the law that remain on the governments books and remain in the Canadian Criminal Code despite being outdated and deemed unconstitutional.

Canada has one of the best modern Criminal Codes going, from sections that deal with nuclear terrorism to astronauts in outer space, say on the Space Station, committing a crime.  Nothing is left out. But there are a few archaic laws that still remain

Here are a few examples that are still on the books but the government is working on...

1.  No comic book can be made or distributed that depicts people committing a crime.
2.  No advertising is allowed for restoring sexual virility or about curing VD.
3.  No clipping coin, an old practice, eg. clipping a silver dollar and keeping it.
4.  No engaging in fighting a duel or participating in one.
5.  No more water skiing without a spotter.
6.  No pretending to be practising witchcraft
7.  No more trading stamps to redeem for goods.

There are thousands more, too much to mention here, antiquated abortion laws being one. 

As I said, the government is working on these old and outdated Zombie Laws, to bring them up to par and into the real world.