Beban House - Said To Be The Most Haunted House On The Island

It's that old rubber ball routine again. Something we are all familiar with, written into many a Hollywood horror ghost script, where a bouncing ball bounces down a staircase or rolls across the floor pushed by an invisible ghostly child. The ball is usually red and pops out seemingly from nowhere and stops in the centre of the room. Most horror flicks use this technique to grab people's attention...

But, in this case it's real. The old Beban art deco styled, two story log homestead, is a well known landmark. It was built in the 30's in town of Nanaimo, a small coastal town on the eastern side of Vancouver Island. It has it's fair share of ghosts and bouncing balls. Apparently, there are three ghosts that reside there. The house was featured in Creepy Canada back in 2003.

The big old house called Beban House was the pride of a wealthy sawmill owner, named Frank Beban.  

People have heard balls bouncing around the house on many occasions, dropping down the staircase, bouncing down hallways and children playing with an imaginary boy, that no one else can see but children and who uncannily bounces a ball, at all hours.  

 Apparently, there are other paranormal apparitions, of a woman who walks in the halls and passes through walls. She's been seen wearing a white dress standing many times in an upstairs bedroom window.  People have heard china in cabinets rattle for no apparent reason, doors and windows that mysteriously open and close by themselves. Faucets which turn them selves on and off. Door knobs which fall off doors. Keys and other personal stuff that disappear and are never found again. The classic type of behaviour expected in any haunted house.    

The story goes and it's only a rumour; that there was a young Chinese boy, a servants son, who was accidentally killed in the house but there is no documentation of any such event.   

Beban House, a must see for any ghost hunters out there visiting the Island.  

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