Bastion Square - A Ghostly Place

If you want to see a ghost then go to Bastion Square in Victoria, British Columbia's capital city.  It's the Islands most haunted and historical place.  Not too far from me, an hour away.

Bastion Square includes an area downtown around Helmcken Avenue, where it is said that every building lining the street has a ghost story to go with it.  The source of all the ghosts, come from an old jailhouse graveyard where bodies of dead prisoners, most of them unidentified, many being John Does, that were executed by hanging, who were thrown into one big mass grave, where they were forgotten about.  Most the buildings now stand on that mass grave. The Maritime Museum Building supposedly the most haunted.  The street crosses right over the gravesite.  One prisoner was actually beaten to death right in the middle of the Square by the police. No wonder there's ghosts! 

The jailhouse was demolished in 1885.  That is Bastion Square, now a touristy spot.

There have been many sightings of ghosts, wearing those old black and white stripped prison suits, shackled together, in irons and chains walking aimlessly about the streets.  People have actually heard chains rattle as the ghosts passed.