Argentina Ants Hit Vancouver Island - They Don't Bite - They Swarm - By The Billions and Billions, Even Trillions

These ants are not the casual ant crawling across the kitchen counter, they are Argentina Ants the most invasive of the ant species and they don't work alone, they swarm. Not by just two or three but by the billions and billions...

It's not that bad yet on the Island, since discovered in Victoria in 2009 but swarms as thick as your arm and as long as 1000 kilometers have been recorded in Brazil and Argentina containing billions and billions of ants even trillions. That's a long line, you wouldn't want to be in it's path.

There has been one colony discovered in Southern California covering an area from San Francisco to San Diego, containing trillions. Your kitchen would be covered wall to wall with the little critters if they decided to travel your way, and you wouldn't be able to stop them. They'd keep coming and coming and coming.

This invasive species of creepy crawlers, is blamed on climate change and is #48 on the invasive list and has finally made it to Vancouver Island.

What's next Alaska?

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