An 'AfterLife' Or 'Eternal Oblivion' - Is It Just A Concept Or Is It Reality?

No one has ever been to the 'AfterLife' and come back to tell us what it was like. That's not one soul! Of course, there's been the occasional person that has had a near-death-experience but is that really going to the 'AfterLife' and returning, meaning letting go of that silver cord completely and drifting away then returning?

People that have had near-death-experiences never are untethered from this silver cord keeping them within reach until that person actually dies, then what happens? What happens when that life-line is broken and he is set free, and his body becomes stone cold dead? 

We might go into eternal oblivion upon death? Another concept where ones world collapses into utter nothingness.

So, it begs the question; is the 'AfterLife' just a concept or is it reality? Since no-one has lived to tell about it and has actually been there, the choice should be obvious. I'll take an 'Afterlife' even though I haven't a religious bone in my body.

I just don't want to believe that my life will come to an eternal end and that no one will ever see this face again. I'll take the high road, and go with an 'Afterlife.'

I'm just guessing of course.

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