'Afterglow Vista' A Mausoleum - Built Out Of Love for the Family

Talk about weird places. This is weird, the McMillan mausoleum smack dab in the middle of the forest. A graveyard of sorts, located on San Juan Island in the Straits between Vancouver Island and America, in a place called Roche Harbor. The story goes; that a rich man named John McMillan built it for his family. A man with strong ideas, was a god-fearing Christian and had a devotion to his family. So, what did the guy do for his family...

... He built a mausoleum for them all to be together again.

You have to hike through the forest to get to it, being that remote. There's an old sign posted over the entrance to greet you, it reads 'Afterglow Vista.'  

The place is full of symbols and structures, three steps up, symbolize many things for Freemasons, representing the three stages of man. Five steps up on the next landing represents the five senses. The last landing up, seven steps, seven days of the week and seven liberal arts and sciences.

At the top, a raised platform with pillar holding an open domed roof. One pillar is broke and was made that way, to represent the way 'death breaks down the column of life'.

There's a big table and a chair set that holds each of the family members ashes inside the seat, which represents, 'sitting down at the table together eating dinner as a family.'

What's this, there's one person that's not a family member buried there and it's who? John's private secretary! What is she doing there? His wife is probably, 'Rolling over in her grave,' right now.

The place is getting neglected and little overgrown now, which adds a new beauty to the place. But with all the vandalism happening, it doesn't seem that it will last much longer. 

'After Glow,' a weird and mysterious place. Built out of love for the family.

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