A Mature Teratoma - When There's Someone Else Inside Your Body Besides You

Like an evil twin growing inside it's twin, a leech, living off it's hosts body. A Mature Teratoma, is a benign or cancerous growth, a parasite that grows inside your body for years until discovered. It may never get diagnosed. If diagnosed at all, it's usually in the fourth decade...

A tumor really, which may contain hair, teeth and bone. Sometimes and this is on very rare occasions; doctors have discovered Mature Teratoma tumors with partially functioning organs, even brain matter and heart and lung tissue, to top it off, even arms and legs, if that's not enough even a torso that in it's own weird way resembles a fetus. They themselves could contain, skin, muscle and bone.

Actual Mature Teratoma showing teeth

I've heard of a woman going full term with a Mature Teratoma, that was growing inside her fallopian tube. When doctors extracted the creature it was a hard round ball of bone covered with skin and hair, you could see where it's eyes would have been, it's mouth, nose, bum, crying mum ma, mum ma.

A story or what? I'm very gullible. It throws new meaning into the old Frank Sinatra Hit, 'I've Got You Under My Skin'

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