The Loveland Frog - Real or Folklore

The Loveland Frog (Loveland Lizard) was first spotted in 1955 near Loveland Ohio, hence the name.  Three creatures, standing on their hind legs, obviously conversing among themselves until they noticed themselves being watched, then they started sparking and disappeared in a flash.  They were about four feet tall, with frog like features and heads.  

Then again in 1972, by a policeman, who spotted it on a bridge. Then again, by another police officer who saw it two weeks later in a field chowing down on a dead deer carcass.  It's been spotted right up until Aug 3, 2016 when two teens spotted a large frog near the shore of a pond near Loveland that stood up on it's hind legs and started walking towards them.  As teens will do, they ran. 

Is the Loveland Frog real or just folklore?  A practical joke? A prank?  Or an, out right lie? I'll let you decide.  There's no evidence, no real photos, just stories.