The Abbey of Thelema ~ A Place To Worship Satan

The Abbey of Thelema

“Balance every thought with its opposition because the marriage of them is the destruction of illusion.” 

                                                              ~ Aleister Crowley

There were five of them, two women and three men, all naked except one man who was partially naked.  He was wearing some sort of hat that looked like a huge upside down triangle, rather silly, almost comical looking with another triangle, a yellow pyramid with the all-seeing eye sewn onto the front.  He was leading the others in prayer. 

There were children there as well, little kids.  You could only see the whites of their eyes in the shadows, as they sat quietly shivering against one wall, watching as the adults chanted.    

The five were all holding hands, arms outstretched sitting crossed legged around a double chalk lined circle called a Baphomet. 

Freshly severed from its body lay a goat’s head still seeping blood, propped up in a star haphazardly sketched onto the cement floor centred within the circles, using one continuous chalk line each point of the star touching the inner circle.  The inner line of the two circles was light blue, the other white, the star a mustard yellow, looking almost fluorescent in the dim light emanating from the one candle placed atop the goat’s skull.

A religious commune of sorts, the Abbey of Thelema opened its doors in 1920.  It lasted only a few short years and I’m not even sure if it’s still standing today and if you wanted to visit the place you’d have to travel to a small town called Cefalu, that’s over in Europe, in Sicily, Italy to find out.  The building has never been occupied since, at least that’s what I’ve heard.  The odd black and white Polaroid photo of it pops up on the Internet every now and then.  They show the condition it was in when the photo was taken.  The last picture I’ve seen was in 2004.  The building was pretty far gone then, I don’t know what it looks like now.

It was basically just a square stucco shack with a door and a couple of windows. Really, nothing special to look at, consisting of a few mural clad rooms, abandoned after Mussolini’s Nazi troops discovered what was happening there.  They heard the rumors that were being spread around town about the place and were watching.  When they did raid the place everyone inside was rounded up and either shot or deported but before that happened, for a few dedicated souls it was the Abbey of Thѐlema, a temple, a spiritual learning centre. 

You’d be hard pressed to find it now, the property having all grown over and you might not even recognize it to be the Abbey, even if you were standing out front and it staring you right in the face, it would be that dilapidated, the murals so faded.

Like I said before, the building might not even be there anymore and I wouldn’t be surprised if the locals, which feared the place in the first place, let it all go to hell, as they ought to have.  They wouldn’t be blamed.  The Abbey is not discussed anymore, at least amongst the town people still living there.

At one time it had been given the coveted designated status of “Collegium ad Spiritum Sanctum,” a school, a college for black magic.  You were taught there that you didn’t have to live your life being ruled by laws.  You lived your life idyllic as a free spirit, using your own free will for whatever pleased you.  “Do What Thy Wilt” became the code followers were to abide by.

Pagan rituals, gnostic prayers, orgies, open sex acts, both male and female were encouraged, even carried out while children watched, telling them it was “Sex Magik,” spelt with a k instead of a c.  The word Magik, was coined there.   Animal sacrifices, the drinking of blood, devil worshipping, witchcraft, and black magik were all practised there as well and on a regular basis.

Self-proclaimed as the “Beast 666,” and with the press calling him, “The Wickedest Man In The World,” Aleister Crowley was the founding father of the philosophy and religion of Thelema, based on his book, “The Book of the Law,” which revolved around the idea that people have their own “True Will,” which every person should discover and pursue in one’s own lifetime.  They believed everyone’s “True Will,” exists in harmony with the “Cosmic Will,” of the universe.

Back in April of 1923, the Nazi government gave Aleister, an ultimatum either leave the country or risk jail.  Without him, the Abbey closed, never to open its doors again.

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