Another Foot Washes Up On Vancouver Island — Where Are The Heads, The Arms and the Torsos?

What's with all the human feet washing up on the shores of Vancouver Island? 

Sunday's foot discovery —a stone's throw from where I live— a foot wearing a sock inside a running shoe was found by hikers on Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew, which makes #13 in 9 years, four more were discovered on Washington State beaches. Coincidentally, all the feet (man, woman and child) found were wearing socks and inside running shoes. 

Does this mean a homicidal maniac is out there killing people wearing casual shoes then throwing them into the ocean? Scientists have discovered through DNA testing that 10 of the 13 feet were suicide victims or missing persons. The other three haven't been identified yet.

I think it kinda weird that it's just feet that keep washing up on British Columbia's shores but in actuality, feet are washing up onto shores all over the world, all the time. 

So, where are all the heads, the arms, the hands and the torsos that match these feet? The sixty-million dollar question.

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