The Legend of Muchalat Harry ~ Abducted by a Sasquatch

Old Indian legend has it that I'm living smack dab in the middle of prime "Bigfoot" country, better known as Vancouver Island. The Nootka Tribe know of the Sasquatch's existence and have co-existed with them right up to today. One tribe member, Muchalat Harry was supposedly even kidnapped by one of the beasts which made his hair turn white.

The Legend of Muchalat Harry, it goes something like this...

Muchalat Harry wasn't like the average Indian. He loved being alone, a hermit of sorts.

One day nearing winter of 1928, Muchalat Harry packed up camp and set out into the woods to work his trap lines. He planned to be gone for a few months. His favourite hunting ground; the Conuma River, at the head of Tlupana Inlet, on Vancouver Island.

After the journey he set up camp. Tired he fell asleep.

Harry was awakened in the middle of the night, by a huge male Sasquatch, who grabbed him and picked him up. Harry struggled to free himself. He was brought to what Harry thought to be a Sasquatch camp. There were about 20 other Bigfoot, ranging from children to females to other big males. He thought he was going to be eaten.

As he sat there a few came over and sniffed him, seemed bored and walked away. They harmed him in no way but after one such sniffing incidence he made his escape as they turned and walked away.

He ran about 12 miles without stopping to look, by-passing his camp to his canoe cached on the Conuma River bank. Surprisingly, three weeks after the abduction Muchalat Harry's hair had turned completely white. 

I actually know this to happen. I had an uncle, "Uncle Jim," who was once frightened by a bear, it chased him home from school when he was a boy. At least that's what he told everyone. Weeks later, my uncle's hair started to grow-in white until he eventually became completely white haired. 

Fear obviously can upset the body in many ways, turning your hair white is just one of them.

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