Armageddon ~ The New World Order Is About To Begin ~ Free Fuel For All

The end is in sight for Big Oil Companies, OPEC and the rich Saudi Royals. There's a new process of extracting solar energy from the sun called Si, making the industry grow by leaps and bounds and it's about to take over all other types of energy; Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Hydro, even Nuclear combined. 

Einstein invented the process long ago, it is no secret but deemed to be too expensive until now. Billions are being spent by governments and big business to further the growth. 

It is believed we will have enough power from the sun to fuel the entire globe for the next 36,000 years, and it will be so cheap it will seem like it's free.

I predict that the leaders of this new enterprise will be the Rothchilds and the Getty's of the future. The New World Order is about to begin.

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