The Sad Story of Sooke's Bonsai Bob - Judged in the Court of Public Opinion

Sooke has it's fair share of strange personalities, take the sad story of 74 year old hermit named Bonsai Bob (Bob Deryk). He killed himself in mid-winter of 2013, after being accused of sexually assaulting two young girls, possibly more. The authorities found his body in a tool shed a stone's throw from his home. 

As a child he was a Japanese concentration camp victim during the war where he became afraid of confined spaces. The experience left him scarred, one of the forgotten ones. 

Was he afraid to go to prison, or was he afraid to leave his beloved bonsai trees? We probably will never know. At the time, it was said to be hard to defend or condemn him. He kept a packed bag near the door at the ready in case he had to leave. He lived in fear that the Japanese were coming to get him.

Bonsai Bob gained local fame around these parts and left behind a garden of bonsai trees (over 1,000 bonsai trees) and a cottage he called home for the last twenty years near the Sooke Potholes, a weird place to begin with. 

I'll be blogging about the strange natural phenomena, the Sooke Potholes and the mysterious unfinished Deertrails Lodge, something dear to Sooke's Bonsai Bob.

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