Greys, Cyclops, Ashtar the Extraterrestrial, In the Middle of A Clear Cut Forest

I thought I'd go for a walk through the bush and forest and explore the area where I now live (Sooke on Vancouver Island) when I came across a huge clear cut area of the forest. It obviously had been cleared of all it's trees, cut years ago and never replanted. All that's left are dead branches and old tree stumps and grass. Then I noticed them.

Someone or something had carved into a few of the old stumps, images of alien Greys.

Then I came upon what to me looks like Ashtar the Extraterrestrial

Then an image of Polyhemus the Cyclops, a member of a race of savage one eye giants. 

Didn't I tell you that I thought Sooke was weird? Who took the time to do this? Was it some drugged out teenager with nothing to do? A lumberjack on his lunch break or, was it something more sinister? You decide but I don't think too many people have seen these. It's just not normal, to me.

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