From UFOs to Aliens, the Sasquatch to Evil Spirits, Even the Famous Ghost Hitchhiker, It's All Happened On The West Coast Road.

I've been away. I've moved to Sooke, British Columbia. Wilderness basically, onto the most haunted road in Canada if not the world, the West Coast Road. It's a little isolated and I've been without power, the television, phone, water and the Internet for over a month but as of today, I'm connected.

The picture above was taken from my driveway. Imagine, just outside my gate the ghost of a young girl, who has been picked up several times by unsuspecting motorists. There's also been reports of old-men-ghosts-hitchhikers! I've got to meet him! I've been warned not to pick-up hitchhikers, but I see them all the time. They're hard to pass when you've got an empty white van. 

UFO's dot the sky, supposedly. Alien artifacts are everywhere. I haven't seen any aliens as of yet, just a bear in the driveway and a mountain lion crossing the road up ahead one evening as I pulled up in the van. It wasn't a dog! It was big, with a long tail that stood up in the air, and then there's a problem with a few rats in my garbage. Okay, slightly more than a few. I've never heard of rats being in the forest, but as sure as I'm sitting here, rats are everywhere. 

Sasquatch roam the surrounding forests. There's local Indian legends of evil spirits. Spirits that have been around for centuries desguised as bears, or an eagle or a cougar.

The town of Jordon River, a few kilometers up the road is abandoned and all boarded up. Why? Tsunami warnings are posted everywhere. 

There's a haunted beer hotel at 17 Mile House. I'll have to go there.

One of the strangest thing I've noticed so far, is the over abundance of "No Trespassing signs, the many "Keep Out" posters and the hundreds of "Private Property" signs posted all over the place. Why? All that's here are trees. Something is amiss! 

The town of Sooke is also strange. The people are friendly there. Strange very strange. I'm not use to friendly faces.

I'll keep you posted.

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