17 Mile House ~ The Only Spirits Served Are Dead Ones

There's a quaint old historic tudor style English pub located on Sooke Road that's supposedly haunted, 17 Mile House, one of the Vancouver Island's oldest pubs. It was a stop over for travellers riding the stage coach between the capital city, Victoria and the town of Sooke. People have gathered there for over a hundred and twenty years to talk and socialize over a mug of beer or a glass of wine. The only spirits served are dead ones. 

Mary Wilson better known as "Ma Wilson" operated the pub with an iron fist, during the gun slinging days. She died in a rocking chair in the middle of the pub.

Rumours were spread about the original owners boyfriend who hung himself inside the building. He now haunts the premises, besides "Ma." Chairs have been seen moving on their own. There's also a female ghost that has been spotted outside the premises. The story goes that she arrived late one night to use the Islands only telephone and the owners wouldn't open up for her, for revenge she now haunts the front door and has been spotted several times.

The road to Sooke may have led to gold during the gold rush, but those days are over. The only souls left from those days are the ghosts of "17 Mile House." 

Once a year "Dinner Ghosts" selects a few of Vancouver Island's most haunted eateries for a unique evening of ghostly lore and paranormal presentations, with "17 Mile House" on the list. Also listed is, "4 Mile House," and "6 Mile Pub."    

Anyone up for a mug of beer?

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