You Do Have Freedoms, You Know! — Four Of Them!

During the Second World War, America was giving a helping hand to Great Britain in it's war efforts. 

On January 6, 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt in his Annual Message to Congress made his case for America's involvement; to continue aid for Great Britain and to produce more war inventory at home.

"The United States is fighting for the universal freedoms that all people possess!" he said.

The Freedoms he was talking about are;

1.  The Freedom of Speech, to say whatever the hell you want.

2.  The Freedom of Worship, to believe anything you want.

3.  The Freedom of Want, getting enough to sustain life.

4.  The Freedom of Fear, not being afraid every time you turn your back.

These Four Freedoms later became the various "human rights" declared by the United Nations General Assembly in its 1948 Declaration of Human Rights.  

We all have them! At least here in Canada and the United States, even if you think we don't, but I'm not too sure about other countries. In fact, I know of some countries where there is no such thing as Universal Freedom, Saudi Arabia for one. 

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