Who Are These "Men in Black" And What Do They Want?

Men in Black have always fascinated me. I've thought that they were only related to the UFO phenomenon but I obviously have been mistaken. Men in Black have been associated with almost all paranormal and anomalous activity that has been happening around the world today, not just UFO's incidences but, The Men in Black have visited witnesses that have seen poltergeists, people that have had experiences in weird space-time, telepathy and psychokinesis (the movement of stationary objects), Bigfoot and even the Lock-Ness Monster.  

The first reported case of the Men in Black (MiB) involved witnesses seeing a UFO in 1947, the Maury Island Incident. A man named Harold Dahl reported seeing six UFOs when he and several of his friends were out boating one day. He recalled a man wearing a black suit, hat and sunglasses who came up to him later that day and threatened him and his family if he ever spoke of the encounter. He later recanted his story of ever seeing anything like a UFO, for fear, for the safety of his family. Was he revisited again, by the Man in Black? Who knows, he ain't talkin!'

Many people have tried to uncover the identity of the Men in Black over the years, to no avail. It's alarming how successful they are in maintaining total suppression of all paranormal activity.   

No matter why the encounter, the Men in Black always seem to have detailed knowledge on the people they contact. For instance, they know the person's name and address etc., as if being under their watchful eye for some time. It's shocking to some witnesses, who claim never to have been on the other side of the law and have done nothing wrong in their entire life.

Normal everyday things like; using a pen, eating utensils, even food seem foreign to these guys. They use inappropriate out-dated slang, as if pretending to be "with it! or cool." Accounts of their behaviour vary widely, but there is one common similarity, they appear unearthly and eerily inhuman. There is no sense of a real conversation carried on, their only concern appears to be, to collect information about the actual phenomenon that has taken place that the witness has encountered, nothing else.

Sometimes they claim to be from the military or CIA and when asked for ID, they produce it, but later when verification is sought, they either do not exist, or have been dead for years or are alive but of a different lower rank. Why is that?

One hypothesis on who the Men in Black are, is that they are cyborg's, inter-galactic trained assassins, hell bent on taking over human society by controlling the elite, who supposedly are following the wishes of a hostile reptilian race of beings, known as the Reptilians. Another story is they come from the centre of the earth and a inter-dimentional, with the ability to cloak themselves and become invisible when desired. They also can shape-shift or transform into humans, but they are not human.

To me it sounds like the Men in Black are right out of a science fiction comic book. You too? 

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