What Did "Buzz" Aldrin Observe In A Crater On The Moon?

"This is Apollo 11, Houston can you read me, there's something fishy going on up here. We can see something out there. Holy crap, it's a UFO!" 

I can hear "Buzz" Aldrin now, whispering under his breath, as he revealed to Houston, that Apollo 11 had encountered a UFO on their flight to the moon. It's not like they were going to blurt it out over the airwaves for the whole world to hear. They held their breath and observed it through a telescope. When brought into focus, it revealed that a bell-shaped object was following them.

The crew wasn't going to ask Houston what the hell it was for fear of being requested to turn back and return home. Nope, they didn't want to abort the mission. After the first orbit of the moon, the astronauts observed strange florescent lights on the inside wall of the crater Aristarchus and reported it to Houston. Two NASA employees in Houston confirmed that Apollo 11 encountered "other" huge landed spaceships on the Moon.

The Soviets were the first to publicly confirm that Neil Armstrong relayed a message to Mission Control that there were two large mysterious objects watching them after they landed near the lunar module and they took pictures of it, which was later air brushed out of the picture. This and many more related messages were censored by NASA. 

It was also revealed that the astronauts were willing to talk about their experience but were threatened to keep their mouths shut. 

What did the astronauts on Apollo 11 see in a crater on the moon? A UFO? Perhaps, but doesn't it sound like a government conspiracy? A cover-up? Maybe. 

One thing is for sure, we will never know what the astronauts actually did see, on Apollo 11's mission to the moon, even if we heard it directly from the horse's mouth as in the "Untold Story" a British documentary first aired in July of 2006.

I think the astronauts of Apollo 11 saw a UFO. What do you think?

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