The Prisoner's Dilemma — How Would You Like to be Executed? — The Choice Is Yours, the Chair, the Rope, Shot, or Drugs?

The Prisoner's Dilemma, and you thought you had it rough to make a decision.

Imagine, you are sitting in a cell because you have recently been found guilty of murder. You've been asked a question; The Prisoner's Dilemma, how would you like to die; sitting in the electric chair, hanging by a rope, injected with a lethal dose of drugs, or shot by a firing squad? The Prisoner's Dilemma describes a possible situation in which prisoners are offered various deals and punishments. The prisoner gets to select his method of execution.

When deciding the options and outcomes of the Prisoner's Dilemma, they are so constructed that it appears rational for each prisoner, but when pursuing a selection, he finds them all to be against his better interests and judgement, therefore irrational and harmful. It also appears immoral to many philosophers. 

Here's an example: Suppose I'm your employer and you work for me. It may be to my advantage not to pay you, rather than pay you, whether you do the work or not do the work, whether I pay or not. This scenario assumes a lack of co-operation to avoid an undesirable outcome. 

Let's hope you're never in the Prisoner's Dilemma, where a judge asks you how you would like to die? The chair, the rope, shot or drugs? 

Such a dilemma!

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